who we are

Faro Asset Management is a private investment office that manages the private investment fund Faro 1, which currently has a select few investors.

The company was founded in October 2017 by Søren Fryland Møller and Adam Polack. In August 2018 Søren Bundgaard Brøgger joined the team as Portfolio Manager.

Søren Fryland Møller holds a Masters in Finance from Aarhus University and an Executive MBA from London Business School. Søren brings experience from investment banking, private equity and asset management.

Adam Polack holds a Masters in Economics and Mathematics from Copenhagen Business School and brings experience from investment banking and risk management. 

Søren Bundgaard Brøgger holds an MSc in Financial Mathematics from London School of Economics and brings experience from fixed income trading and quantitative analysis. He is also an External Lecturer with the Department of Finance at Copenhagen Business School.  

what we do

“In a world where you cannot predict the future, what is the best long term investment strategy?”

The Faro investment strategy is our answer to that question. The strategy is a multi-asset risk premia strategy across equities, bonds,​ credit​ and “alternative betas”.

We focus on the strategic and tactical capital allocation to asset classes. The allocation is based on the prospective risk/return and the diversification benefits that the interplay between various return drivers offers.

Our top-down approach is based on propriatery empirical analysis and research, much less so on forecasts. Risk management, simplicity and the utilisation of diversification benefits are at the core of our strategy.